Cloudwater tea is characterized by its whole leaf, 100% estate grown, full and semi-oxidized qualities. Our tea is herbicide and pesticide free. All harvesting and processing is performed by hand; each batch is carefully sampled and sorted prior to packaging. We hope you enjoy your tea experience and pass on the story you can taste for many years to come! Mahalo nui loa for your interest in our farm.

Cloudwater Tea is exclusively available for purchase at the Princeville Wine Market (Google Map).

Our Tea is now served hot on Kaua'i at the Ha Coffee Bar (Website) in Lihu'e and BarAcuda (Website) in Hanelei. Both Wok Roasted Green Tea and Assamica Golden Black are served

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Cloudwater Products

 Purchasing Options

  •  20 gram pouch: $20
  •  40 gram canister: $33
Twisted Black
Wok Roasted Green  (Sold out until Late May 2018)
Golden Assamica Black (Sold out until Late May) 
Wai Lani White
Walking Stick Wulong

Please contact us for further purchasing information.

Limited supply. Available while quantities last.


Camellia Sinensis

All tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis evergreen, which is kept in a juvenile state with continuous pruning. Thousands of cultivars exist but all tea varieties stem from one of two primary roots: Indian or Chinese descent. How the leaf is processed after it has been plucked determines what ends up in your cup. Any tea bush, anywhere in the world, is capable of producing a leaf that has the potential to become a white, green, oolong, black or pu erh tea. Besides being delicious, tea contains many medicinal properties used in both contemporary and traditional medicine to treat cardio-vascular problems, bone density, diabetes, tooth decay, cancer cells and weight management. Tea has been cultivated and savored throughout dozens of Asiatic cultures for nearly 5,000 years.